In-App Features

Travel Board

A public board to share what you feel or what you see, anywhere and everywhere. This is your timeline.


This feature allows users search, rate or review airline flights based on parameters. It gives airlines and stakeholders an insight to how their flights are doing and where why can improve.


Just like the flight feature, users search, rate or review hotels based on parameters. Hotels and stakeholders get an insight to how their hotel or the hotel chain is doing and where why can improve.


This is another feature that allows for search, ratings and reviews for bus services and the company that operates each service.

Airport Services

Are you flying between airports? Do you know what to expect there? Share your experience by reviewing or rating. This will help other travellers, airport managers and stakeholders know what is happening and show areas where they can improve.


Prepare yourself as you visit a city in another country. What social amenities are available and what are the customs and laws? Search what offers there are. Upon arrival, share hidden gems you found or important information with other visitors, while also rating or reviewing the city.

Ratings Section

This section shows an aggregate of all features where users have sent a rating or review. Just search what you are looking for and the ratings chart appears.


Get the local news as it happens.


Search your local city, where you are travelling to or any city in the world. Plan your wardrobe better.

Travel Information Display (TID)

Get daily flight details by searching for airport arrivals and departures, cancellation, and more.

Streets, Roads, Highways

Who does not like road trips. We know that we do! Share your real-time experience to help others who ply the same route.