About Gupa

The Company

Gupa is a digital platform that is data driven for access and connection between everyday travellers, travel service providers (TSPs) and multi - related sectors.

Our platform provides an open medium to search, rate & review service providers and to also interact socially with user generated content.

Gupa exists for travellers to share valuable experiences, which will serve in a sophisticated way to provide intelligent solutions and improve every level of service delivery for the TSPs and their global products and services.

Our Vision

Access. Connection. Ease
  • Our ultimate vision is to provide ease in accessing, organising and connecting to global travel products and services.
  • Our short-term vision is to lead and pioneer multi-industry interactive collaborations between travellers and TSPs.
  • Our long-term vision is to have a global reach amongst users of services in the aviation, travel, tourism & related sectors by providing resourceful solutions that will add value to the use of global travel products and services from TSPs.

Our Aim

We aim to serve and be an integral part of every facet of travel and multi- related sectors.

Our Scope

We are building for a global community.

Our Management

Gupa is run by a team of specialised individuals in the areas of aviation, travel and technology.

Safiya Ibrahim Mamman

Founder and CEO

Safiya is the Founder and CEO of Gupa Network & CEO of The Hélice - A management company with interests in luxury travel, lifestyle and aviation. She is an expert in the aviation, travel & hospitality sectors with almost 20 years experience. Safiya's love for aviation and travel have taken her across several countries on assignment, which led her to create a portfolio of travel experiences for her company's high value clients. In addition, she has also proffered advisory services to help boost several travel economies.

Safiya's interests extend to high impact non-profit organisations. She is the founder of the Food, Education, Technology, Transport, Child Care, Health and Housing (FETCH) Initiative; an organisation with interests in collaborative community reach programmes in the sectors shown in its name. FETCH helps to raise funds for its partner NGOs and monitor projects, which financial and technical assistance have been deployed to from donors to help achieve project goals of its partner nonprofits.

Safiya is also the VP of Green Heart Impact Foundation (GHIF) - A nonprofit organisation that focuses on women and children in Nigeria.

Safiya is a Certified Aviation Management Professional (AvMP) from the STANFORD - IATA Aviation Management Professional Programme.

In addition to her love for all things aviation and travel, Safiya's other interests include transport systems, the arts, yoga, golf, documentaries and researching.

Our Services

Advisory & Solutions
Gupa provides strategic consulting services using intelligent data solutions to help drive growth & transformation. We also communicate TSPs and related stakeholders interests.
Adverts, Partnerships & Promotions
We are happy to collaborate with you on related services, and to showcase products that benefit the travel community. Contact us to help you achieve this.
Subscription Membership
Our premium service launching soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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Learn how the predictive airfare app Hopper scaled their Facebook marketing without growing their headcount.


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